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About us

Buying a machine is a matter of trust, whether you are buying online or offline. Our company is a renowned supplier of quality machinery from quality brands in many categories. We supply quality machines including; power drills, circular saws, water pumps, sugarcane juice machines, bone cutters, concrete hoists, walking tractors and many others. Our company stands for quality and optimism and we ensure that you make the right purchase the first time.

Our customer's success is what drives us and we therefore always aim to provide nothing but the best for them. We are therefore known for going above and beyond to ensure that our clients enjoy the best service from their investment. We offer products that are time tested and proven to offer superior performance. What's more, we only work with renowned brands like Honda, Makita, Bosch and others that are known leaders in manufacturing tools and machines.

As leading and experienced suppliers, we know our tools and machines well. As such, our technicians are able to provide our customers with the wealth of information and knowledge they need to make the right investment in a tool or machine. Many customers come to us without enough knowledge to choose while others get easily confused but we always give the most unbiased information to help them out. The industry expertise, enthusiasm and attitude of our employees is one of our major assets and the reason many people come back to us when they need to buy machines and tools.

Through our high precision machines we have been able to position ourselves as the leading supplier of tools and machines for both woodworking and metalworking activities. But, we do not rest on our laurels though. We continue to update our inventory to provide our clients the best of the changing technologies and changing times. We believe in always being able to meet the expectations of our customers and business partners.

Our variety of tools and machines spans everything you would need for small DIY tasks to professional uses. Through our investments and partnerships with renowned brands we expect to continue bringing the very best tools and machines to your workshops, businesses and homes.

Our promise to you is to continue providing tools and machines backed by quality, precision, longevity and value stability. We intend to continue upholding this promise to you by cooperating with manufacturers who can meet the high standards we have set for ourselves and the expectations our clients have of us. Our quality is monitored through testing of the tools in our inventory and updating the inventory with nothing but the best.

In the face of challenging and changing markets, we will continue to make the necessary investments to remain an efficient supplier to our clients and partners in the future. Our company continues to be led by our philosophy of trust, honesty and integrity. We do not relent on quality and we offer all our products at highly affordable prices. We are the trusted partner you have been searching for.