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Lawn Mower Prices in Kenya

Having a home with a lush green compound with well-trimmed grass and trimmed hedges is the dream of every homeowner. Needless to say if you have a lawn at your home or establishment then it needs regular mowing to keep it looking exceptional. That in turn means that you need a lawn mower. There are as many different types of lawn mowers as there are lawns and all with differing lawn mower prices in Kenya. So how do you choose a good lawn mower or the right one for your needs?

The first consideration to have in mind is the type of lawnmower you need. There are basically two types of lawn mowers; the push lawn mowers or walk behind mowers and riding mowers. For the push lawn mowers, you walk behind the mower and push it forward to cut grass. They are small and able to penetrate small areas. They are also good at cutting uneven lawns and lawns that have a lot of obstructions.

For the riding mowers, the operator sits on top or slightly behind the blade deck and operates the mower from there. These are usually strong and ideal for use in cutting tough grass. They are also fast and good for cutting large even lawns. Riding mowers include zero turn radius mowers and lawn tractors. The riding mowers also come with bigger lawn mower prices in Kenya, as compared to push lawn mowers.

Cutting features are also important to consider. If you mow large lawns, then a lawn mower with a wide cutting width will reduce the time spent working. Cutting height indicates the length of the grass that the lawn mower can cut. To make the lawn mower versatile, many quality and modern mowers have adjustable heights so you can work on grass of different lengths.

Lawn mowers are available as electric, fuel powered or manual. Fuel powered are the most common and most sought after because they are not limiting. Electric mowers can be battery powered or require connection to the mains electricity to operate. They are therefore limiting. Manual lawn mowers are only ideal for small home gardens with soft grass.

There are other features that like self-propulsion, bagging system and low vibration technology which can raise the lawn mower prices in Kenya but make the machine more user friendly. It all depends on your preferences. However, many of the high quality brands of lawn mowers we have in stock from renowned names such as Honda, Husqvarna, and others come packed with these and many more features.

As a leading supplier of lawn mowers in the country we have a wide variety of lawn mowers for you to choose from. Our lawn mowers are quality, durable, efficient, and user-friendly. What's more, we bring you these superior quality products at the most affordable lawn mower prices in Kenya. Regardless of what you choose and the preferences you have, we have a quality product that you will enjoy using many years down the line.