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Makita drill price in Kenya

If you are in the market for a drill, one of the brands that you might have found inspiring confidence and innovation is Makita. Makita drills are popular among both homeowners and professionals for their reliability and amazing features. What's more you get to enjoy these features at an affordable Makita drill price in Kenya. This is because Makita drills are not very expensive despite their impressive performance and reliability.

The Makita drill price in Kenya highly depends on the type of drill you go for. Makita offers a wide variety of drills from small angled drills designed to fit in awkward spaces to massive powerful impact and demolition drills. It all depends on the needs you have for the drill.

When it comes to power, almost all Makita drills are cordless, unless you want the big demolition drills. The cordless drills are available in two variants, 12V and 18V. The drills with the 18V batteries deliver more power than the ones with the 12V batteries. They are therefore great for professional use and in projects where a lot of power is required. However, the 12V Makita drills are lighter, smaller and ideal for home us and DIY tasks.

To ensure that you keep going for long before requiring charge, the Makita drills come with more amp hour rating (or Ah). The higher this rating is, the better because it means that you can work for longer before the battery runs out. This reduces the downtime for your business and makes tasks go on quickly. But that is not all, the Makita batteries come with fast charge technology. All their batteries can charge in under one hour with the small ones (2Ah) taking less than 30 minutes to charge.

The motors in a drill are really important and are one of the features that impact the Makita drill price in kenya. The motors can either be brushed or brushless. Brushed technology is older and was designed for corded tools. Makita incorporates the modern and innovative brushelss technology in their cordless drills. These motors do not wear out quickly since they have little contact or friction. They are also more energy efficient than their brushed counterparts.

Makita drills also come with other superb features that many professionals and homeowners find really useful. Such features include the two-speed modes for versatility, LED work lights, low vibration technology, and innovative safety features. Some models come with side handles for that extra grip for heavy drilling jobs.

If you are looking to invest in a Mkita drill, you have made a good choice and we can help you make it a reality. We have in stock a wide variety of genuine makita drills for you to choose from. Through our company you can avail the right Makita drill for your needs at the best prices. We also help our clients access accessories like battery packs for their Makita drills when they need them. We are here to ensure that you not only acquire the best drill but you also make the best use of it.