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Power Tiller For Sale in Kenya

Do you need to prepare land for cultivating or gardening? Well, gone are the days of sweating it out and getting blisters through the use of hand hoes. You can now get work done quickly and easily using a power tiller. There are different types of power tiller for sale in Kenya with different capabilities that you will find in the market. So, which one is right for you?

Front tine power tiller for sale in Kenya

The first type of power tiller for sale in Kenya is the front tine. These power tillers have tines that dig into the ground as the tiller is moved forward. They are ideal for use in small to medium sized gardens for tasks such as weeding, composting, and soil preparation. Some front tine tillers allow you to move the tines both in forward and reverse direction.

Front tine power tillers have a rotating blade at the front end of the machine. The engine is usually mounted on top of the rotating blade. As you move the machine forward, the tines dig into the soil while at the same time propelling the machine forward.

Rear tine power tillers for sale in Kenya

The other type of power tillers for sale in Kenya is the rear-tine tiller. These machines come with engine driven wheels and therefore they are more suitable for larger plantation areas. Also, rear tine tillers come with counter rotating blades that turn in reverse direction to the direction of the wheels. These counter rotating tines have more torque and therefore make it easy to break through new ground.

With a rear tine tiller, you can hold the machine at one position to dig the soil to the required depth. These machines give you more control and more power to work on a plantation of any size in any way you want to.

Other factors to consider when buying a power tiller

If you are already looking at power tillers for sale in Kenya, there are other factors you need to have in mind before making your purchase. Here are some of them.

Engine type - usually power tillers come with two types of engines - 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. The 4-stroke engines do not require you to mix oil and gas. They are also more powerful than 2-stroke engines and they require little maintenance.

Maximum tilling depth and width - the tilling depth is the measure of how deep the tines can go in the ground. The tilling width is determined by how broad the rotating blade of the machine is. If you work in small gardens and in places where you need a lot of maneuverability, small power tillers will work well. However, for farms where you need to get the work done quickly, you should consider a machine with a big tilling width.

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